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About BB2 Labs

BB2 Labs is building the next generation software for the Hydrogen industry built on top of analytics and artificial intelligence. BB2 Labs Hydrogen Analytica Software platform serves up the data you need in an easily digestible format so you can make the best business decisions for your organization in real time.

Customized BI and Analytics Applications

Pre-packaged Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics tools aren’t easily adapted to unique processes and tasks. Customized applications with integrated BI and data visualization are designed to heighten operations by tracking, analyzing, and organizing only the most relevant information for each objective.

UX & UI Strategy, Design, and Development

A strategic, responsive design combines User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) to solve problems creating barriers to business objectives. Researching user motivations and behaviors clearly communicates and enhances customer interactions. The result is improved business decision making for operational efficiency and growth.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) uses the real-time data of Business Intelligence (BI) and tools, like Natural Language Processing and Visual AI, to create a Data Analytics AI platform. Get a deeper understanding of customer behaviors in real-time and refined solutions from predictive data.

Executive Insight

  • Cloud-hosted, secure and aggregated understanding of past and present hydrogen* production and consumption across all deployed facility units.
  • Visibility into anticipated future hydrogen production and consumption based on sophisticated behavioral analytics.
  • Carbon credit and sales analysis that tracks and anticipates all forms of revenue.

*Visuals and description showcases hydrogen fuel sources relevant to Tersus Power, however, the BB2 design is entirely fuel agnostic!

Financial Optimization

  • Advanced financial forecasting of revenue and cost-of-goods volumes & sources.
  • Optimized bulk commercial sales activity based on present and future availability and lowest-cost analysis.
  • Sophisticated financial “What-If” modeling to examine and plan for all possible contingencies.

Operational Automation

  • Continuously auto-adjusted production levels based on supply & demand, “feedstock” costs, and operational longevity analysis – provides for “hands-off” operations!
  • Real-time analysis of millions of sub-second ‘telemetric’ data elements (such as volume, temperature, pressure, etc, measurements) can identify and alert on emerging issues before they impact production.
  • Proactive alerting and active maintenance management minimizes downtime.

BB2 Labs Projects

BB2 Labs offers unprecedented insight and control of any on-site hydrogen, or other fuel source, production and storage facility through a cloud-based visualization and automation platform.

Facility owners and operators avoid unnecessary downtime, lower operational costs, and fully maximize revenue from an easy-to-consume, visual experience driven by revolutionary behavioral analytics.

With a reconfigurable design and dynamic analytics, BB2’s solution provides value to ANY fuel production or storage facility.

Tersus Power is developing the Next Generation Modular Hydrogen Fueling Station that will be the first of its kind to generate hydrogen fuel on site at existing and new fueling station locations.

The Tersus Power hydrogen fueling station will generate on site up to 1250 Kg of pure hydrogen daily which eliminates disruptions of supply to the consumer and is adjustable based on immediate and forecasted demand.

Tersus Power’s design maintains a balance between cost, efficiency, durability, manufacturability and environmental standards.

Design Overview

  • Our design is differentiated by Tersus’ hydrogen Active Storage system and Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) based hydrogen-production technologies which offers industry-leading lowest cost-of-goods available in the market today.
  • The end-to-end carbon footprint of our design is so low that a wide variety of “Carbon Credits” and other available incentives help to significantly boost the overall financial benefits.

Active Storage

  • Active storage avoids the voluminous gaseous hydrogen storage tanks and extra processing costs associated with liquid hydrogen.
  • The unique storage design efficiently maintains an actively regulated constant pressure of 875 bar pressure, capable of dispensing 100% of hydrogen generated at substantial financial benefit.
  • Tersus hydrogen storage design is so effective and cost-beneficial that Tersus offers a stand-alone Active Storage-only solution for customers who opt to source their own hydrogen.


  • 50% lower total cost of production compared to alternative competitive designs.
  • Unprecedented generation capability per physical footprint ratio results in facility size one fifth that of alternative competitive designs – allows for greater range of installation locations.
  • Designed for manufacturability requiring only commodity materials – natural gas (standard or renewable), electricity, and water.
Contact BB2 Labs

7700 Irvine Center Drive
Suite 800
Irvine, CA 92618